NLP Practitioner
C.hyp, D.hyp, CNLP
Kinetic Shift Practitioner 
Anxiety Attack & Depression Specialist Therapist
OldPain2Go Practitioner
Weight Management Practitioner

Hypnosis can offer you help with problems that conventional methods are not able to, by allowing your subconscious mind to reprogram and accept new ways.

Based at Epsom Downs Surrey, Jacqueline Dower Hypnotherapist would be able to offer you a personalised hypnotherapy session in her home. Home base hypnotherapy can make you feel more relaxed than making an appointment in a building based clinic, as it has the advantage of comfort and relaxed atmosphere before you begin.

Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes long with the exception of stop smoking hypnotherapy which is 90-180 minutes. Within these sessions, Jacqueline takes full details of what the clients would like help with and tailors each session to their needs. All sessions are fully confidential between hypnotherapist and client.


I am the person who can say: seen it, done it and got the t-shirt for hypnotherapy. I have real passion with the belief that the mind can heal itself from within given the right tools and one's own self-belief.

15 years ago I turned to hypnotherapy rather than go down the medical route, I knew there was something out there which I had control over to help me. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the medical way, in fact, hypnotherapy can complement modern medicines. However, I wanted the tools to help me to take ownership of my problems, and use my subconscious mind, to reinforce positive ideas, positive suggestions and positive thought patterns.

I have never looked back. I was so captured by the independence and confidence hypnosis gave me, I trained to become a practitioner. I have continued to train and have added Kinetic Shift Practitioner, OldPain2Go Practitioner, Weight Management Practitioner and Anxiety Attack & Depression Specialist Therapist. Including Mental Health Awareness Certifications and Health and Nutrition Certifications.