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How to Boost Self-Esteem with help from Hypnotherapy

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

What is low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem is a false perception of oneself. It stops you feeling as good as other people; it always prevents you from enjoying yourself with success, making you feel that you should not enjoy it. By raising your self esteem, it’s not about thinking differently, it’s about feeling differently. It can affect your job, studying and relationships.

Hypnotherapy helps people start winning their mind over with positive ways and actions.

Allowing you to feel better about yourself, so you think better.

Do you looking in the mirror and see yourself as the ugliest person ever, even though it’s not true. This is because the low self esteem you have makes you unsure about yourself, feelings, and compliments. If someone says they like you, you question do they actually like you and push them away?

Signs and symptoms of low self-esteem

People with genuine low-self-esteem tend to treat themselves badly, rather than other people. You think of yourself as a bad person, no one wants to spend time with. You feel ugly and boring. Stupid Unloved

Why do people have low self esteem?

Research shows that people who have low self esteem are more than likely to have been sexually, physically and or verbally abused and bullied over an extended period. It becomes a learned behaviour pattern that you are not good enough because of what has happened to you in the past. Low self esteem then becomes a form of self-bullying, saying to yourself that you are faulty goods, damaged dysfunctional, you are bad and need be punished or ignored.

How can you change the way you behaviour If you feel you have low self-esteem

Stop saying bad things about yourself. Look to the origins where your low self esteem came from, was you bullied, abused? Life is different now, so look at yourself differently. Stop over judging yourself and others. If you are cleaver, attractive, kind, nice to be around, respect them for seeing you through their eyes. None of us are perfect, remember that. Take care of your appearance, start to like yourself more. Get your hair cut or have your nails done, or go and buy some new clothes that fit you properly and look good on you.

With these changes you will see things so much more positively. You will notice that you stop holding on to negative ideas, and feel calmer about who you are. You start to feel more optimistic about the future, even the next day, and become more confident in your choices.

Hypnosis is such a wonderful way of over overcoming low self esteem because it improves your confidence and allows you to feel better about yourself. It acts on the subconscious mind where the negative thoughts were stored; finally releasing these thoughts that were holding you back. I describe these as being stored in your filing cabinet of your mind. Filed away and the drawer closed, but they emotional scars, words, thoughts and actions are still there.

With hypnotherapy you relax and allow the drawers of the filing cabinet to open, and let the negative parts that have allowed you to have low self esteem to be released, no longer to be stored in your mind, they have no value in your life. It’s like decluttering, you do it physically in life and you do this with hypnotherapy for your mind. This is done in hypnosis when you relax and let your subconscious mind listen to new suggestions, actions and belief. Your brain then creates new beneficial neural-pathways to your brain. It’s so easy and effortless for you to do this and make the changes with help from hypnotherapy.

If you have never thought about hypnotherapy before and would like more details how it can help you, call Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic for more details


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