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How would hypnotherapy help me?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Have you thought about hypnotherapy but wondered if it could help you? Maybe the only idea that you have with hypnotherapy is the stage shows you see when you are given the idea that the hypnotist has taken over these people’s minds and they have no control of what they are doing.

The truth is that this is not hypnotherapy, what you are seeing is a state of hypnosis. These people are carefully chosen by the hypnotist when he does his suggestibility tests, this you don’t see on camera. If they responded well they are chosen, if they do not react they are rejected. Those chosen have shown that they are open to new ideas and suggestions; they would never do anything that they would not do in their normal waking state as the subconscious mind has an inbuilt ability to always protect us – fight or flight. These people are naturally outgoing and confident the social butterfly, not the wallflower.

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy using positive suggestions and ideas that work for you, by allowing you to go into a relaxed state of mind, to clear the clutter and then change your thought patterns for more positive ones. This allows you to have a clearer focus. Hypnotherapy allows you to release negative and challenging ways, and maybe to discover that there are triggers in your life that caused you to have the problems that you want to resolve, but you never realised the connections.

People self invest in so many different ways to make them feel better. Whether, it’s beauty treatments, striving to learn more or developing hobbies. But this camouflage they are using does not mend the problem, it’s still there, what do you do then?

This is where hypnotherapy helps you. If you have stress, anxiety, lacking confidence, weight problems, bad habits, or addictions to name a few, hypnotherapy is the best self-investment whether time or money. You will discover and release the problems and show the world the real true you; confident, positive and in control of your life.

With your new knowledge about hypnotherapy take action and call or message today. One call is all it takes to change your life.

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