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It's good to be unique

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Most people suffer from confidence sometime in their lives, however not everyone can overcome the lack of confidence and more one. Sometimes the lack of confidence just increase and then before you know it,

it becomes like a disability to you. Not allowing you to move forward with your life or career. Maybe it is affecting your relationships and friendships. But why should you have to live with a lack of confidence when you can take action and change the very thing that is holding you back.

Have you ever said to yourself “I just don’t fit in anywhere”? We all fit in somewhere, but you just have to look at it differently. By adjusting your idea of what you mean by 'fit in', will allow you to accept your own ability to fit into that situation. You don’t have to be the social butterfly – and let’s be truthful, it must be exhausting for social butterflies always having to be on top performance all the time.

However it is important to reach out to others, we need to have support either with family or friends or maybe a new group. Maybe joining a group with common interests will build your confidence also, as you have a common bond together. So that could be a hobby group, or maybe a social group, but you will all have one thing in common is that you all like that one same thing, and that will build your confidence as you feel you will not be judged.

Many people also come to my hypnotherapy session to build that confidence with them, to tackle situations in their life and help them move on.

I always say to my clients it's ok to say no to people, don’t feel pressured in to say no if you don’t want to do something. Always say no to someone with a big confident smile. This shows the person asking, that you are confident and no means no. Try it, it truly works.

Always remember that you are unique, and it’s good to be unique because if we were all the same, the world would be a boring place to live.

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