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Little pickers wear big knickers...let hypnotherapy help you with your weight loss

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Will Hypnosis work with weight loss?

Absolutely, but hypnosis does not make you lose weight by itself.

We all need a little help sometimes; it might be through a book or going to a weight loss group. But if you don’t take action regardless of what you have read or been shown then you don’t lose weight... It’s simple really...No action =No weight loss.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had that extra bit of help? This is where hypnotherapy comes into its own with weight loss. Hypnotherapy helps alter your eating habits and helps you exercise more. New habits get easier as time goes on because they become your new normal way of behaving.

Some people think once they have been hypnotised that’s it, they don’t have to put any effort into trying to lose weight ... it’s that magic wand they have been searching for and the weight will just drop off kilo after kilo...But they are mistaken.

Diets don’t work; we all know that. There is always a new type of diet book out each month, telling us how wonderful this diet is and look at the latest celebrity who has lost tonnes of weight on it. We all buy into these headlines, as we all want to look good and be like them. However what they fail to show you, is the celebrity 2 years down the line, when most of them have regained the weight and more. We all remember Pauline Quirk with lighter life, or Scarlett Moffet with her tailor-made super slim diet and exercise plan, or what about Gemma Collins and her famous yo-yo dieting, this year again offering another chance to lose weight like Gemma Collins, forgetting to mention the bit about gaining weight like Gemma Collins.

Hypnotherapy can and will help you improve your choices in life. Hypnosis will reinforce and create new and healthy ways of eating and exercising. Bad Habits are hard to break, hypnotherapy can help replace negative habits by reinforcing new ones; however, this is no quick fix. Hypnosis is a key factor in making these positive changes in your lifestyle.

Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic based at Epsom Downs, Surrey, will help you with your goals. By opening your subconscious mind: to reinforcing positive thoughts and change of behaviour with eating and exercise. Statics state that for a habit to change it takes up to 4 weeks. That’s without the help of hypnosis. Just think how you would feel, knowing that the natural healthier and fitter you were released from your subconscious mind with hypnotherapy, finally achieving your goal once and for all.

Maybe your time is now, do you have a holiday coming up, and there are too many lumps and bumps showing for the summer outfits. Or maybe you have just had enough of feeling really bad with your image and you want a positive fit healthy new you...

Give hypnotherapy a try and take control of your future by banishing negative thoughts and behaviours once and for all.

Call today and book an appointment with Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic, together we can make the change.


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