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Nail Biting Hypnotherapy

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Can hypnotherapy really stop you biting your nails?

At Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic, there has been much success with stopping nail biting with hypnotherapy.

I found this article writing by Cosmopolitan writer Anna Lewis and wanted to share it with you.

Since before I can remember, I’ve been a nail-bite: a germ-spreading, skin-ripping, cuticle-destroying nail- biter. I’ve tried everything in the past to try and stop this, from expensive manicures to wearing cotton gloves. That looked cool. But alas, apart from the odd two weeks of success here and there, I’ve always gone back to sticking my nails/fingers/entire fist in my mouth. It got worse if I was stressed or even just bored.

But what options did I have if I wanted to look less monkey and more hand-model?


I’ll be honest when somebody suggested I try hypnotherapy I was pretty sceptical, but I would give it a go. I felt a little silly at first as I tried my damn hardest to clear my mind and go down a lift to a basement of relaxation... But I eventually managed to stop thing about sandwiches and weird-looking cats (and other crap that usually fills my easily distracted brain) for long enough to actually really get into it.

I was a confident woman who didn’t need to bite my nails I actually started to believe it.

The first session lasted about 40 minutes, but it felt like I was only under for half of that... It’s so relaxing, that before you know it, it’s time to wipe the dribble from your chin and head out into the big bad world: a non- nail biter... and is left there believing just that- never again would I nibble my nails.

Your first session should be the one that cements that idea that you'll never want to bite your nails again... but recommends between two and four sessions just too really drive the whole thing home... so that swat I did – I had two more sessions over the next free weeks for much of the same, and also received a recording of a session so I can have hypnotherapy top-up at home if I find my hands starting to creep towards my mouth again.

So did it work? Well, I have to admit I haven’t bitten my nails for five whole weeks now. And every time I’m a little stressed and feel my hands making their way up to my face, I subconsciously bring them back down before I’ve even noticed what’s going on. And that must be because of the hypnotherapy.

Side note: I slept like a giant baby after every session, so that’s a bonus.

No, hypnotherapy it’s a cheap option, but it does seem to be a pretty permanent one, so it’s got to be worth it right?

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