• Jacqueline Dower

The Search For Happiness

Many people come to me because they are stressed, anxious or feeling low, the common element with this is, they are all searching for the feeling of being happy. You have to ask yourself what is happiness, its personal to each one of us, like anxiety, stress etc. are unique to us also. There are different levels of being happy, and it’s important to find out what is the right happiness for you.

Realistically, there is no absolute definition of what happiness is. Some people think it is popular with others, wanting that likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram. Others feel that having wealth would give them a better lifestyle, and this would make them happy. Or power within work and peers, making them the centre of attention. Happiness can be so many different things for different people.

We have all experience happiness sometime in our life. However, when we feel low, we look at those good times with thoughts that it can never be so good again. But were these moments true happiness, as happiness comes from within, not material things and titles. We then realise that this only masked how we felt inside, and the emptiness has always been there. Sometimes you can have so much in your life, but the simplest of things can make you happy.

Once you decide that you are going to be happy, nothing can stop you. If you only look at the negative, then that is all you can see. However start to see the positive in simple things, and your subconscious shows you so many more positive things. By allowing yourself to enjoy and appreciate the little things in your life, then more and more, you will feel the happiness within you.

If I asked you how to eat an elephant, the process of doing this is overwhelming. However, if you eat one piece at a time, you would complete the task. Start by setting yourself achievable goals or tasks in the same way. My rule of thumb is five. Five is the magic number. If you write a list with five achievable goals/tasks to do, by ticking off each task shows you that you are achieving things. Doing this starts to make you feel happy. Start to write down only positive things that happen to you in the day. If you were driving home and the traffic lights were green all the way... positive. If there was a parking space when you when shopping...positive. You went for a walk, and it didn't rain...positive. You see, it does not have to be material things to make your life more positive. It's not how much you have, but how much you enjoy, that is happiness. It's being able to change your thought process from the Eeyore mood to the Tigger from Winnie the Poo.

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