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Weight Loss and Achievable Goals


Did you know that if you set an achievable goal with weight loss target weight, you are more likely to achieve that goal than someone who has not set a goal? The reason behind it is that you have focus, and you can see that achievable goals are obtainable, whereas no goal or unachievable goals such as dropping two stones in two months don't work.

When our weight going down each week, it feels like mini victories, we all have battles, but it's the big win that counts. Every pound of body fat release does count. Losing 5%-10% of body weight can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and other illnesses.

So it would help if you made a personal goal. Each week you would be looking at dropping 1.5lb – 2lb of fat; you know that in the first couple of weeks, the weight loss is quicker, you lose fat and excess water. Then the weight loss should be achievable. If you lose 10lb plus in the first couple of weeks, you will put it back on plus some. This makes you feel low, and you give up and start emotional eating. I have seen it with my clients who don't follow the plan. They starve themselves for two weeks, like what they see on the scales and then their body says. No, no, no. I am going to hold on to all the calories now as this doesn't seem right. So your body shuts down, it holds on to every calorie you eat and your weight increases. This is why diets do not work. Healthy eating does.

Set achievable goals, have a date in mind when you will reach that goal. It may be a wedding, birthday party, or looking good at Christmas; seeing yourself at the future date, slimmer, fitter healthier allows you to see that the future is good for you and focus.

Suppose you have lost weight in the past, only to feel frustrated when self-sabotage kicks in. You know the times in the past when you say, "I have been so good, just one bar of chocolate or cake, this will not hurt, I can reward myself. Because deep down, you don't think you deserve to be slim, you failed in the past, and you will fail now. People are their own worst critics, and a lifetime of self-sabotage becomes an auto-response. They may have felt in the past, they are fat, ugly, lonely; why would someone be interested in them, so they emotional ate. Or maybe a person kept themselves fat on purpose because of abuse physically or mentally from a relationship. They kept themselves fat; then, the hurt will not happen as no one will want to be with them. This is a learned behaviour that says, I eat this, it will comfort me and make me feel better, but after the act, you feel worse. It is a circle of non-belief in yourself.

Research has shown that if you talk about making changes open and honestly, you take ownership and allow the changes to be made. With Uplands Hypnotherapy Weight Management Programme, you talk, you let go of things that hold you back. Emotions, lack of self-belief, stress and anxiety. You learn how your body reacts with food that you eat and build you up with positive confidence feeling and letting go of the things that add no value to your present or future life. We do this with hypnotherapy, where you relax, listen and let go. Your subconscious mind shows you a better version of yourself and likes this version. You have the recording to listen to and reinforce the changes. And it works. As long as you want to make the changes, you use the hypnotherapy tools and information; changes happen positively.

You can't outrun a bad diet. However, starting eating healthy food will kick start your energy; exercise will help you and tone your body, but changing your eating habits is the most important thing you can do.



  • I feel that I am becoming unhealthy

  • Aches and pains confirm you need to do something about your weight

  • Nothing fits or feels good

  • You hate shopping for clothes

  • I want to set a good example for my family

  • I want to look more active again

  • I don't want people to judge me on how I look

  • My size is affecting my mental health

  • Lack of confidence is holding me back

  • I look at other people who have lost weight, and I know I can do this also

  • I put myself last, and I need to put myself first now

  • People would be surprised how much I weigh


Your physical Well-being has a knock-on effect on your mental and emotional health. When you feel and look good, you can take on the world. When you don't like how you feel or look, it has an impact on you. You feel like you have lost your Mojo; you eat and have more duvet days. Low mood, low energy levels and lack of focus on you. How do you get past this? Keep a daily journal and track changes, however small, whether you feel less tired or have more energy and are moving more or feeling less stressed. It will give you a picture of how weight loss benefits you, which you can use to help motivate your goals.

If your goal is about your future health, you know that investing in your well-being will pay off in years to come. It could be that health scare or seeing loved ones with health challenges affect you. Or simply that you want to be around for a long time to be with your grandchildren and see them grow up. If that is your concern, you first must see your GP and around to have blood tests to check for diabetes, & cholesterol and blood pressure should be checked. By eating healthy and losing weight, you can reduce type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. It is not just the numbers on the scales but about healthy longevity.

Maybe you feel that you struggle with relationships because of your size, and you eat not to meet someone so you will not get hurt. People do this to protect themselves from hurt, but they realise the only person they are hurting is themselves. Inflicting poor health and poor mental health (self-sabotage) is not a productive thing to do. Weight loss could set you free from the negative part of yourself. Giving you confidence in relationships and make you feel more confident within the workplace. You will start to find your voice, and you like what you hear.

If you would like more details contact Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic and let your tomorrows become your today.


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