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Weight loss the new you

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Trying to lose weight is a journey that so many of us take. Sometimes we complete our journey, unfortunately often we don’t. We have heard of the yo-yo dieters never able to maintain their weight loss or the dieters who are never actually able to lose weight no matter how hard they think they are trying.

There are so many ways on offer to lose weight out there, slimming clubs, shakes, punishing starvation diets, but unless you have the will and the want nothing will ever work for you. Then all you are left with is the weight increase, the frustration and the endless cycle of dieting, overeating and feeling guilty about failing again and letting yourself down.

Hypnotherapy is so different from traditional ways of dieting. Firstly hypnotherapy is not a diet, it makes you think about how you positively feel about yourself. Hypnotherapy allows you to make the right choices over food, without stressing out over should you, shouldn’t you, have that piece of cake situations. By targeting the subconscious mind with powerful thoughts and suggestions you will develop a clearer and positive understanding and relationship with food, exercise and healthy choices. Thought patterns and behaviours are changed for the better new healthy you, making you feel confident about your body and your healthy choices, no longer craving unhealthy food and lake of exercise, but to start to enjoy the positive health you, that you always want to be, and can become.

Why can’t I lose weight?

People fail for many reasons, some reasons are obvious, however most often you don’t know why you can’t lose weight, and this is because the subconscious mind is making it so hard to take control of negative eating habits. Maybe they are learned habits of making sure you eat all your food up, at dinner time. Or emotional habits, having that stressful day just needs the chocolate bar, or a pack of crisps to give you that lift, but then you feel guilty, and it ends up not such a treat or lifts after all. And the lack of exercise, always promising yourself to join the gym or maybe you have joined a gym but never gone. If you can’t make the effort to walk to the gym, you are never actually going to go inside and work at losing weight. It’s so easy to think I go tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.

Hypnotherapy is like a magic tool that fixes the negative actions and thoughts that stop you from losing weight. These tools are giving to you in suggestions, and ideas, when you are in a relaxed state of hypnosis, how you choose to use them, is up to you. However if your car broke down at the side of the road, and someone gave you the tools to fix it, knowing you could fix it easily and get it going with no trouble. Would you just wait until someone takes charge and mended it for you, or take control and get the car back on the road, with pride that you fixed the problem all on your own?

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