• Jacqueline Dower

Why is the subconscious brain so powerful?

We have two parts to our brain the conscious part and the subconscious part. Conscious thought is when we put something into action. Subconscious thought is when our brains do something automatically.

For example, suppose a person wanted to play the piano. This is learned consciously until the repeat pattern of the learning becomes embedded in our subconscious part of our brains and becomes automatic for the person to start to play the piano.

Did you know that the subconscious mind is so powerful that for every bit of information that your brain processes, i.e. sight, sound, hear, taste per second, the subconscious mind has 11 million hits per second, and the conscious mind has only 40-50 hits per second? With approximately 100 billion cells of the brain, each with connections to thousands of other brain cells, the brain can execute as many as 100 billion operations per second; impressive,

don’t you think?

It was believed that the conscious mind was the dominant part of the brain. However, it is known that the vast amount of processing of information is done by the subconscious mind. Then automatic responses within the subconscious mind to control the body.

But did you know there is a subconscious part of your brain and unconscious part and these are interchangeable?

Unconscious behaviour is suppressed feelings, reactions and thoughts. These can manifest daily and can be caused by a trigger that may start a chain reaction of fears, phobias, and anxiety. Subconscious behaviour is when our brains give us something we don’t have to think about like breathing.

It is not uncommon for some to use the terms interchangeably because of their subtle differences. One of the easiest ways to understanding them is by looking at an iceberg. The visible part is the conscious, while what lies below, is the deeper, more complex subconscious ( actions or reactions when we think) or unconscious mind (memories or events).

Hypnosis works by tapping into the subconscious mind’s power and access those buried memories, events, times and behaviours. These may have become a negative part of your life with self-sabotage. Healing the unconscious mind refers to the process of eliminating unwanted and unnecessary problems in the mind that block you from enjoying positive things in life. To desensitise events and promote positiveness and confidence with the person.

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