• Jacqueline Dower

Why our brains tell us to eat slowly

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

At the base of the brain is your hypothalamus. This sends out the hunger signal which says feed me... 20 minutes later it sends another signal to say stop... this is why it is important to eat slowly, because the faster we eat, the more we eat, the more weight we put on.

Now think about a time when you felt hungry and even though you did not eat, the hunger pangs just went away... Hmmm, why was this you ask yourself...This is because the hypothalamus said “feed me”, you ignored it, or maybe you were too busy to eat. Then the automatic stop signal was sent 20 minutes late, to stop eating. So guess you didn’t need to eat in the first place...

This is important for you to know, because from this moment forward you are aware that it is not how much you eat during those 20 minutes that will satisfy the feelings of hunger. It’s the hypothalamus messages allowing you to eat as much or as little as possible in the 20 minutes, before sending the same message of satisfaction. Crazy but true!!!

Remember to drink water also, because sometimes your body is telling you that it needs a drink, and we think this is the signal for food. Drink first, eat second... Water; zero calories and natural way of flushing away the toxins and body fats.

Simple... not everything your mind tells you is right.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight management.

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