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Why your sweet tooth is letting you down.

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Sugar Addiction help with hypnotherapy.

Sugar addiction we have heard in the media about the benefits of cutting out sugar for our health, but why should you do it? It’s easy to think this will not affect me, I am not overweight, nor am I diabetic.

But are you addicted to sugar?

Addiction comes in many different forms, and maybe you viewed addiction as someone who has a drug addiction or drinks, then you would be wrong.

Sugar addiction is on the increase, and we should be mindful about how much sugar we take into our body. Being overweight increases the risk of least 13 types of cancer including liver, pancreas breast, bowel and stomach to name a few.

How can we help ourselves and our families with reducing sugar in our daily food?

Firstly sugars are carbohydrates; our body needs these for energy. You can find natural sugars in honey, fruit and grains all unprocessed and good for your body. However processed foods like the white bread, pasta, rice and flour are broken down by our body and quickly turned to sugar as all the goodness has been taken out of the source. The body can’t take any energy from this food and dumps it into our body as rubbish and gives us a rush of sugar, giving us a high only to drop very quickly a short time later. The sugar releases your dopamine – the feel-good chemical in your brain. This is the same chemical release that a smoker or drug addict has, however your dopamine levels out and you don’t get the high as much, so you eat more sugar. This is where your addiction starts. By cutting down on our sugars will reduce the risks of being obese, diabetes and cancer. So take the challenge and make positive changes into your and your family’s life.

If you would like to get help with your sugar addiction try hypnotherapy. Call or message today for more advice and booking an appointment.

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