• Jacqueline Dower

I will do it tomorrow, does this sound like you?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

We all do it, but we don’t like doing it.. but why do we procrastinate. Funny word procrastination, who would have thought, that putting something off to the next day sounds so serious.

But if you never achieve what you want to do then maybe you should take your procrastination seriously. Something so simple of putting off tomorrow what you could do today could slowly turn in to a form of anxiety. This is because it becomes so overwhelming, that you never achieve anything.

We have all done it, go to start that important task you have been putting off, then boom. The next thing you know you have been sidetracked by picking up your phone and checking out FaceBook. Or maybe something on the telly caught your eye when you walked past it. But by the end of the day, your important task remains unfinished and pushed on to the next day.

Why do we do it, that magical force that stops us starting and completing tasks, it doesn’t matter if urgent, or not, we still put it off, just adding to your daily stress of not completing what you wanted to do that day. We can become used to feeling reluctant when it comes to stuff we have to do.

  • Or maybe its fear of failure, you can hear the told you so, voices in your head.

  • Or maybe it's fear of success, how with you cope if you complete what you have to do.

  • Or maybe it’s the fear of the unknown, we all know, the what-if situations.

So maybe that procrastination doesn’t mean you are lazy, it means that you have lost control. We all want to control what happens in our lives, but if we procrastinate we would be losing our control on things that we should be controlling.

So if you have a desire for change then hypnotherapy can and will help you overcome this bad habit. Your subconscious mind will be given new ideas and new directions to create new habits and change your perspective on life.

As long as you want to change then hypnosis can help you. Call Uplands Hypnotherapy Clinic today to help you gain control of your life again.



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