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Procrastination help with hypnotherapy

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Why hypnotherapy can help with procrastination

We have all done it, put things off until another day, hoping they will get done by someone else or just hope that its wasn’t need to be done in the first place and it will be all O.K. But is it O.K. to procrastinate really?

When we put off those tasks that we have to do, we don’t just forget about them, they are always there in the back of our mind popping up to remind us that we must do it. Then we have that anxious feeling in our chests or stomach because we still know that task has to be tackled and it’s not going away. Why do we do this to ourselves when we know if we did the task right away we would not become anxious and never achieve anything?

There is a real difference when we just delay doing something, to procrastinating the delay. Procrastination is a very special type of postponement it’s a weakness to take ownership of what needs to be done. Procrastination is an intended voluntarily delay, knowing that the outcome is worse than doing the task.

Before we begin to discuss how hypnosis can help you with your procrastination let’s see what type you are:

  • Perfectionist – Because of you never actually complete what you started to do, because you are never satisfied with the end result, so why bother to start in the first place? Always sticking your head in the sand – No it’s nothing to do with you, can’t deal with that problem yet, let someone else deal with it.

  • Self-Saboteur - Just do nothing and then nothing bad can happen – right?Daredevils – These are people that feel that if they do the task ASAP it will affect their free time because they are confident that they can do the task quickly, but end up rushing and making mistakes.

  • Chickens - Where do you start with the task, they have no idea, so they waste time doing the wrong things instead and leaving the urgent stuff to it’s too late.

So how can hypnotherapy help with procrastination?

Once you have identified what you are, then hypnosis can change your thought patterns regarding how you do things. These changes become effortless and natural for you to do, so you become less anxious and more proactive.

A perfectionist would be given suggestions to change their goals to obtainable goals.Always sticking your head in the sand would be given suggestions to tackle the worse task first and to get a sense of achievement from this.

Self-saboteur would be given suggestions to write down a task list, knowing how good it feels when you cross off the things from the list.

Chickens would be given suggestions to break down the problem into manageable tasks so you can see gains. Q:How to eat an elephant? – A:One piece at a time.

You can see now that procrastinate has nothing to do with being lazy; it can be fear of failure, success or the unknown. No matter what type you are, you would always receive suggestions to confirm that you are confident and positive and an achiever. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Now, what next?

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