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Stop looking at the negative

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

It's easy to say and hard to do. When we are feeling low we just look on the negative of everything, because we have trained our brains to look at the bad all the time, to ignore the positive and highlight everything that goes wrong.

Simple changes can be made by you to start lifting yourself out of the negative thought patterns that you have allowed to rule your life. Some people do a positive and negative list, but why focus on writing down all the things that you feel are negative. You already feel that your life is ruled by everything going wrong for you, why do you want to have a list to remind you of this. However to have a positive list actually shows you that life is better than you thought.

Start your list anytime you want, but only do positive comments. But what do I mean you ask? Saying you were driving to work and the traffic lights were green for most of the journey, then this is positive. You found a parking space right where you wanted it, positive. The kids got ready for school without any dramas, positive. You hadn’t run out of milk for that much needed coffee, positive.

Can you see now how easy it is to start building up a positive list? It shows you that there is positive all around us if we choose to look.

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